For Buyers

In our Catalog, you'll find tracks & services made and uploaded by artists from around the world. Buy project files, one-on-one sessions, live classes, exclusive tracks, sample packs, mixing and mastering services, and more.

We call these Scraps!

See the guidelines outlined here.

Scraps members get more Scraps for much less! We have three plans.

  1. Basic. Pay $7 / month, get $25 / month.
  2. Pro. Pay $10 / month, get $40 / month.
  3. Premium. Pay $15 / month, get $75 / month.

Membership credits cannot be used for exclusive tracks and services.

When you buy a project file, you receive immediate access to all of its relevant components in the DAW, including project samples and MIDI. You can only use the project file for creative and learning purposes.

Step into the studio and learn the music production straight from the source.

The .mp3 file and the right to release the entire song as is under your name. You may also receive the project file if it's listed.

The track is now yours! You are the only one in the world that owns it. 

The sample, preset, or device group, royalty-free. You can use these in any new music production or creative works! 

The project file, project samples and MIDI. Instead of using the file for creative and learning purposes, you can now use it as a template to create new tracks! 

You can release your new tracks but may not release the template as is, however. 

  1. Live Classes: Access to a one-on-one or group class via video conferencing
  2. Recorded Class: .mp4 recording 
  3. Track Feedback: Feedback on your tracks via video conferencing or email
  4. Mixing & Mastering: 1 mix & mastered track of your choice via email


The artist may choose to list the project file along with the track. You will still receive the .mp3 file and full rights / ownership.


Once the exclusive song rights to a Scrap are bought, the Scrap is de-listed and you are the sole owner of the song.

We verify each upload to assure that it is from the artist. We do this by requiring the artist to sign a series of verification documents and cross referencing the file with our database of industry experts.

You do not need to install any plug-ins to get the benefits of the project. Not having the same plugins means some sounds won’t sound identical, but we verifiy each listing to ensure that not having the same plug-ins will not significantly alter the track. 

We will let you know what plug-ins are used in the description of the Scrap.

Only if you buy the exclusive song rights.

If you upload the project file under any name without exclusive song rights, you will be fined up to $250,000 for copyright infringement. Our data room stores receipts of purchased files and copyright transfers so there is clear evidence of who has the rights.

Only if you buy an exclusive track or template.

If you bought just the project files, you can draw inspiration, but you must make each part of your music on your own.

Yes, in the case of exclusive tracks or templates.

Unless you own the exclusive song rights, you may not remix or sample the track for public use.

We listen to our users and are currently growing and expanding. If you have a genre or file you would like to see on the Scraps, reach out to Our team takes every email into account when expanding and considering what artists to work with.

For Sellers

  1. Project files. The DAW file can be any unreleased / released song, 8-bar loop, sample, etc.
  2. Exclusive Song Rights. This gives the buyer full track ownership. You can sell the .mp3 file with the option to sell the project file as well.
  3. Templates. Project files with the right to create remixes / derivative works. 
  4. Samples, Presets, Racks, and Vocals. Any samples, presets, effect racks, and vocals, royalty-free.
  5. Visuals. Any DJ visuals you're not using anymore, royalty-free.
  6. Services. One-on-one sessions, group classes, track feedback, and mixing & mastering. 

We call these Scraps!

Create an account. You'll receive a login to a seller dashboard where you can customize your profile, list your scraps, and track your sales in a matter of minutes.

Artist payouts happen instantly. Note: Scraps takes a fee

  1. Selling project files gives aspiring producers a chance to learn music production behind the scenes. Your fans will now be able to own a copy of your music while you still hold the copyrights. They cannot sample, remix, reproduce, and release the work in any way possible. You can choose the number of project files you'd like to sell.
  2. Selling the exclusive song rights gives aspiring producers the opportunity to own the track and release it under their name. You can sell the exclusive song rights to only one person. 
  3. Selling templates helps producers speed up their production process by creating derivative works from your project files. You can choose the number of templates you'd like to sell.
  4. Selling sample packs & vocals help producers find sounds to use in their next track, royalty-free.
  5. Selling visuals helps DJs set up their next set, royalty-free.
  6. Selling services help producers learn the ropes and create their tracks in less time. 

At Scraps, we believe you should be able to decide the value of your art. If you have questions on how to price your music, please contact


We highly encourage you to upload projects without selling the rights so users can learn the techniques of music production and your fans can support you in a whole new way. You will still be paid for every project file purchased.


You are required to sell the .mp3 file, but have the option to sell your project files as well.

Once approved from our List a Song Form, you'll receive access to a booking dashboard where you can schedule your availability, manage reschedule requests, and view your calendar.

The customer will send you their track via email. You sell feedback via:

  1. Email. You specify the amount and detail of feedback.
  2. Video Conference. You set the time and length of the meeting. You can schedule your availability via your booking dashboard.

The customer will send you their track via email. You'll email them back with the mix and mastered track, following each round of edits you specify in the product description.


You may not sell the exclusive song rights unless you unpublish the track.

Take out the samples in the DAW file. When submitting our List a Scrap form, add in the description what changes have been made.

Only if they buy the exclusive song rights.

If they don't, the user would be subject to $250,000 in fines in violation of copyright and intellectual property law. All transactions and signed copyright agreements are logged in our database, so they could not claim it is theirs.

We verify each upload to assure that it is yours. We do this by requiring you to sign a series of verification documents and cross referencing the file with our database of industry experts.

Scraps takes a fee on all products purchased in order to maintain the website and operations. Our goal is to democratize music production and fairly compensate you for your creative work.