A marketplace for music project files and publishing rights.

Authentic Project Files.

Go behind the scenes. Download the project files of your favorite artists to learn music production like the pro’s.

Remixes made easy.

Work with the original project file to create remixes of your favorite songs. No more wonky YouTube acapellas, bad instruments, and distorted vocals.
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Publishing rights from top artists.

Own the publishing rights and release a song under your own name. (Coming soon)

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In our Catalog, you'll find exclusive tracks made and uploaded by artists from around the world. You can choose to buy the project file behind these tracks or the publishing rights, which includes the project file (coming soon).

We call these Scraps!

When you buy a project file, you receive immediate access to all of its relevant components in the DAW, including project samples and MIDI. 

Step into the studio and learn the music production straight from the source.

Coming soon.

Join the waitlist. If approved, you'll receive a login to a seller dashboard where you can customize your profile, list your scraps, and track your sales in a matter of minutes. 

Artists pay outs will happen every Sunday. If you are in need of an accelerated payout, please email and we will do our best to accommodate you.