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  1. Project files. The DAW file can be any unreleased / released song, 8-bar loop, sample, etc.
  2. Exclusive Song Rights. This gives the buyer full track ownership. You can sell the .mp3 file with the option to sell the project file as well.
  3. Templates. Project files with the right to create remixes / derivative works. 
  4. Samples, Presets, Racks, & Vocals. Any samples, presets, effect racks, and vocals, royalty-free.
  5. Visuals. Any DJ visuals you're not using anymore, royalty-free.
  6. Services. One-on-one sessions, group classes, track feedback, and mixing & mastering.

We call these Scraps!

Create an account. You'll receive a login to a seller dashboard where you can customize your profile, list your scraps, and track your sales in a matter of minutes.

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  1. Selling project files gives aspiring producers a chance to learn music production behind the scenes. Your fans will now be able to own a copy of your music while you still hold the copyrights. They cannot sample, remix, reproduce, and release the work in any way possible. You can choose the number of project files you'd like to sell.
  2. Selling the exclusive song rights gives aspiring producers the opportunity to own the track and release it under their name. You can sell the exclusive song rights to only one person. 
  3. Selling templates helps producers speed up their production process by creating derivative works from your project files. You can choose the number of templates you'd like to sell.
  4. Selling sample packs & vocals help producers find sounds to use in their next track, royalty-free.
  5. Selling visuals helps DJs set up their next set, royalty-free. 
  6. Selling services help producers learn the ropes and create their tracks in less time.

At Scraps, we believe you should be able to decide the value of your art. If you have questions on how to price your music, please contact