Bass, Dubstep, Future Bass

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Artist Bio:

  • Genre: Dubstep
  • BPM: 150
  • DAW: Ableton 11.0.1
  • Key: E♭ Major

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VST: Auburn Sounds Graillon 2-64 Dimension Expander_x64 Disperser [2] FabFilter Pro-L 2 FabFilter Pro-Q 3 [3] GClip HalfTime-64bit SPAN [2] SerumFX_x64 Serum_x64 [10] ShaperBox-64bit Unfiltered Audio SpecOps [6] ValhallaFreqEcho_x64 [3] ValhallaRoom_x64 [8] ValhallaSupermassive_x64 fb799964 [2] kHs Ring Mod soothe2_x64 [2] VST3: Soundly Place it

This used some interesting sound designing techniques. nothing too serious, but i would like to share it.

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